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New Lives of the Saints collection!


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Lives of the Saints (and people who lived saintly lives) collected works volume 2.
Featuring a St Lydwine story like no other! Like “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” in the desert! Only completely devout! Also includes issues 6-9. Also includes internet material that no longer exists! Must be seen to be believed! 220 pages! The largest book I have ever published (Unless I mis-counted). Only 15 bucks! Hand made with love at “The Tautkus Studio” (love is our sole revenue).

Get it now at:

The Tautkus Studio!

Hello, I’m the new guy! I draw Catholic Comics on the lives of the Saints.


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What a busy year! We started in May and ended in October…I served as the pencil and ink artist for Our Lady of Fatima. I have worked with a professional colorist and close friend Joe Spadaford of CBN.

Our Lady of Fatima is ready to order. Check out www.deogratiasco.com!

Here are a few pages for your viewing. It was a pleasure working with such a great Catholic Team on a project dedicated to spreading the devotion to Our Lady…especially on the 100-Year Anniversary!


St. Pedro Calungsod Comic done in 2010. My team plans on producing more Catholic Comics on the lives of the saints…

God bless!

Sam Estrada

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