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Who should join the Catholic Illustrator’s Guild?

Artists! Both students, professionals, and amateurs who want to grow in honing their skills or connect with fellow artists.

Publishers, art directors, agents, gallery owners, pastors of churches: anyone who needs the service of qualified and professional artists, or who just wants to see what’s new in Catholic art.

Patrons: do you love Catholic art and want to support the revival of beautiful and truthful art in the culture at large? Patronize and recommend our artists by your membership fee (both anonymous and public donations accepted), donate to our Starving Artists’ Fund, or help fund our contests and scholarships.

What are the benefits of joining the Catholic Illustrator’s Guild?

Comradeship! You are not the only Catholic artist out there: there are many of us, and we want to support each other professionally and spiritually.

Critiques! Working on a project and are not sure whether the shading on the one side is right, or whether the font is better in orange or yellow? For those moments when you need a quick once-over reaction, the CIG blog helps solicit critiques and praise from fellow professionals.

Prayers. Following the vocation of a Catholic artist – or just following any Catholic vocation – can be tough. Let us pray for one another.

Networking! Let us know about your upcoming art show, your book deal, your first commission. Spread the word about a contest, a request for submissions, a job up for bidding. Know someone looking for a book cover design? Recommend a fellow member for the job.

Special information: have access to job postings and submit bids for jobs. Or if you have a project and are searching for the right artist, let us know and we’ll help you find the right connection.

Are there levels of Catholic Illustrators Guild membership?

Yes. We offer four different levels of membership:

a.    Students. If you’re learning the craft and are strapped for cash, or are a genuine student artist (age 16 and above), there’s a place for you here!

b.    Professionals. We have a voluntary membership fee based on what you can afford, from $0 (starving artist) to $40 a year and brings with it membership in our Artists’s Gallery, access to critique groups, and email about possible jobs and opportunities. Religious: Membership is free to priests, deacons, and religious.

The $40 membership fee allows you to post advertising on our sidebar.

c.    Patrons: Donate any amount from $20 to $200 a year and help support the Catholic arts. We can post your name on our Benefactor’s List, or you can be anonymous and known only to the Lord. (please note, at this time we are not a registered non-profit)

Each member (except patrons) starts as an Apprentice. Apprentices will have access to guild postings. They can post private posts that other members will see. There is a committee who will decide if the work posted can be promoted to the public blog (with the member’s permission) Apprentices can also post a call for Critiques. All members must respond in a thoughtful manner to the call for critiques.

After 50+ posts, you advance to Member. Members have access to guild posting and Job/Opportunity postings. They can decide if they want their work to be published on the public blog and they will be listed in the Artists’ Gallery as well.

If you are nominated by your peers, you can advance to Distinguished Member. These members will have a badge to put on their website announcing that they have earned this level on the Catholic Illustrator’s Guild. They are also listed on the sidebar of the public blog.


How do I join the Catholic Illustrator’s Guild?

Fill out the form below. To pay your voluntary membership dues please visit the fees and donations page.

Please put a "hot link" url here, for instance: (using the address of an image you have on your website, dropbox etc.
Please put a "hot link" url here, for instance: (using the address of an image you have on your website, dropbox etc.
Please put a "hot link" url here, for instance: (using the address of an image you have on your website, dropbox etc.

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