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Building the Way to Heaven


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Here is my favorite picture from Maura Roan McKeegan’s latest book in her typology series published by Emmaus PressBuilding the Way to Heaven: The Tower of Babel and Pentecost.

Watercolor, Acrylic inks, and colored pencil on watercolor paper.

Job Opportunity


New Sacraments Course: Call for Applications for 20x Images

Fr Andrew Pinsent at Oxford University, also a Trustee of the Catholic Truth Society, is looking for one or possibly two illustrators to work on a 20-section (10 module) general sacraments course for children covering Confession, First Communion and early Confirmation. He is looking for 20 illustrations that have a strong sense of the holy, like some of the old 1950s illustrations in many books of that time, but brought up to date for the 21C. Please contact him if you are interested in learning more at

Thank you so much.

Fr Andrew Pinsent

Koo Schadler and “Traditional” gesso in a bottle!


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Koo Schadler is an artist who does amazing work in egg tempera. Not only that, she is very generous about sharing her knowledge. Her website has a lot of great information.

She recently wrote about a new product from called Rublev Colours Tempera Ground

I had one failed attempt at creating traditional icon boards and some day, when I get time, I want to try again. This product looks like it would be a way to get into creating egg tempera panels without such an investment of time and patience.

I highly recommend Koo Schadler’s Egg Tempera Painting book and perusing the wonderful work on her website. (a sample below)

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