Month: September 2017

St. Catherine of Alexandria


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I made this painting for a friend who left for her first year of college this August. Two days before it had to be ready, I decided to add a patterned background to the picture, so I spent a rather tedious day drawing circles and then painting them. I used acrylic inks on watercolor paper. St. Catherine of Alexandria, pray for us!

Opportunity for Illustrators


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I received an email from a gentleman looking for an illustrator for a story that he wrote for his children. With his permission I am posting his request to the group.

“The story is my attempt to introduce my kids to (what I view as) concepts foundational to our Catholic Christian faith – specifically the distinct miracles of: creation, physical order, life, and human life; our call to sacrifice for others, and the concept of redemptive suffering.
I’m wondering if you might know of a few illustrators that would be open to discussing the project with me – and could point me to their website and/or contact info.
Thank you.”

If anyone is interested you can contact Eric at

Icon of Mary Magdalene


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I took a week long class with Fr. Damian from Holy Transfiguration Monastery.  He taught me and several other students how to create this icon from start to finish.  The icon class was held at St. Angela Merici in Brea Ca.  Most of the process was traditional using gessoed boards, egg tempera, and ground pigments.

Fr. Damian is an excellent, enthusiastic teacher.  I believe he travels quite a bit teaching iconography and I would highly recommend his class if you ever get a chance.


The Christian Comic-Con


The Catholic News Agency has a great story about Doxacon, a Christian Sci-Fi Fantasy Convention that just had its 5th annual event in Washington D.C.. I had not heard of it and I was wondering if any  other members had? They had about 100 people attending and the panels sound very intriguing. They definitely seem to need help getting the word out.

Read the article here. 

Doxacon’s website is

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